Tackle and Tame Your Sweaty Summer

Just because the calendar says we’re in the heart of summer, it doesn’t mean the heat of summer has to spoil our beauty regime.  After living in the Tampa Bay Area since 2001, I usually tell visitors from up north that our summers are like their winters- we spend as much time as we can inside to beat the heat of summer, just like they spend as much time inside to beat the cold of winter.  Still, life doesn’t just stop because the temperature feels like it’s 100 degrees and the humidity registers at 90 percent.  There are times when I feel like I sweat all day long, which then leads to bigger problems: sweat stained clothes, melted make up & sweat induced acne.

There are two products I have found that work really well to help tackle and tame these issues.  The first product is Certain Dri Anti-perspirant .  This is a roll on anti-perspirant that you can apply at night before bed.  Then, as you sleep it works to close the pores in your armpits, dispersing the sweat to other areas of your body.  So as a result, you no longer have unwanted body odor or rings of sweat staining your shirts.  I also like it because I don’t have to apply deodorant in the morning, so when I wear tank tops, I don’t have to deal with whether or not to apply a clear deodorant that rarely works well.  The second product is Oxy Advanced Face Wash with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide.  The key ingredient is the 10% Benzoyl Peroxide, which was previously only available as a prescription!  So skip the dermatologist’s office and head right over to amazon for clearer skin while sporting your favorite summer sun dress or tank top with confidence!


Protection from the Pool

Spring seems to be blossoming quickly into summer.  For those of us who live in a warmer climate, that means more time spent in the pool.  I have two daughters who love to swim, so much so that they were both on a swim team last summer.  But with time spent swimming comes chlorine damaged hair, and both my girls have hair past their shoulders.

This week I took my daughters to Fantastic Sam’s to get their hair trimmed.  I like to take them there for two reasons; they include a free shampoo in the cost of the cut, and they regularly offer coupons so that the cost of each cut is less than ten dollars.

Makenna’s hair was pretty dry from the swimming she has already done just this spring.  So the hairstylist recommended to minimize the amount of chlorine her hair absorbs by having her completely rinse her hair in non-chlorinated water before getting into the pool.  Saturating her hair will keep it from soaking up so much chlorine, and as a result becoming less damaged.

Also, another mom recently recommended a shampoo she uses to protect her children’s hair from the pool.  I have yet to try it myself, but you can find it at  I like to shop at Ulta because they frequently offer coupons in the Sunday paper, and they have a shopping rewards program.

As spring continues to feel more and more like summer, keep that hair protected so when your agent calls, you and your children are camera ready!


Blonde Ambition

At a recent visit to the salon where I get my hair highlighted, another customer complimented my stylist saying, Your hair looks really blonde today.  In all her know how and savvy hair styling ways my stylist replied, Thanks, I ran baby powder through it this morning.  

Instantly, my thoughts wandered to my high school years when I was busy working as a hostess or playing on my high school’s varsity tennis team, or hanging out with my boyfriend.  I never was one of those girls who stayed up at slumber parties swapping beauty secrets with ten other teens primping and posing in the mirror beside me.  But as a 35 year old woman, I am beginning to wonder if I was missing out on something at those sleep overs.  What I thought amounted to nothing more than just pillow fights probably offered more in the way of little beauty secrets that I could have been benefitting from all these years.

Now I just gratefully gather beauty secrets from my seat at the salon.  And among a girl’s most powerful secret is something so simple: baby powder.  If you are a blonde, whether artificially like me or naturally, run baby powder through your scalp if you are too busy to shower.  You know how it is when life keeps you on the go.  We all have one of those days from time to time when we don’t have time to shower.  So the baby powder absorbs any oil your hair may accumulate while giving your highlights a little boost.

I mentioned my salon secret to a close friend of mind who might have gained some of her girly know how from her college sorority days, and she knew right away what I was talking about.  But as a brunette, she shared that the baby powder does not work so well for her since there is too much contrast in color between the white powder and her lovely dark locks.  Instead she uses dry shampoo.  I googled it and there are a lot of options out there.

So whether you are a blonde and your days are filled with so much ambition and you don’t have time to shower, turn to the bottle of baby powder.  And if you are brunette, log in to google, or make your way to your local beauty supply store and see what you can find.


A Trick of the Trade

As a busy mom, some of the best modeling jobs I book have been the “Before & After’s”.  This type of work is perfect for people like me who have lots of little areas that leave room for improvement.  This past summer I was on set with a group of women who also had little areas on their bodies they wanted to improve, and saw the benefit of getting paid to demonstrate a product made to create such improvements.  While on set, some of the women shared a trick of the trade: dry body brushing.  For me this was a new concept, but apparently it’s widely known.  The purpose of dry body brushing is to increase circulation in the skin by brushing it with a dry brush in the direction of the lymph nodes.  This procedure aids the body’s ability to drain toxins and improve the skin’s appearance.  It’s basically beauty in a brush.  I am not a doctor, but several women on set seemed to know about it, so I believe it must have merit.

Shortly after that “Before and After” job concluded, I checked around at different stores looking for that specific type of brush in the health and beauty section.  I wanted to be sure to find one that advertised in some way that it served the purpose of a dry brush for improving skin’s appearance, not simply a brush someone might just use for the shower.  I found one at Whole Foods for about ten dollars with a little tag that explained the brush’s purpose.  Then I found another brush made by a company in London, and I ended up purchasing that one for only seven dollars at TJ Maxx.  I’m sure that, as with any product of this nature, the key is consistency.  By taking time each day to dry brush the skin in the direction of the lymph nodes, results may show.  As a busy mom, I haven’t mastered that level of consistency yet, but I see the value in a simple solution like this one to keep my skin from looking so tired as I get older (and Ladies, when I say tired, you know what I mean).

The discovery of this dry brush also gives an opportunity for me to teach my daughters a lesson about beauty.  I heard it said a long time ago, and I don’t know who said it, but here is a loose paraphrase, “Children are like wet cement, and each day you leave an impression.”  The impression I try to leave with my daughters is to avoid extremes by maintaining balance.  To make the effort of improving a physical feature at my age is to improve the appearance of a part of me that’s grown tired.  I do not want to project onto them an emphasis to remedy any of their perceived physical imperfections.  They don’t have any so-called imperfections yet, but I am trying to be proactive as we approach the pre-teen years.  Instead, I tell them that maybe someday when they are older and tired like me, they might have use for it, but until then, their sense of beauty does not belong to a brush.


My Best Beauty Advice

We pluck, primp, color and straighten, all for the sake of landing a spot in the limelight.  But if we constantly conform to a certain image, then that image can conform us into someone very different from who we truly are.  So I suggest shifting the focus from improving our worst flaws to celebrating our best features in order to maintain a solid sense of balance.  After all, it’s healthy to want to make self-improvements, but it’s not healthy to obsess over making those improvements happen.

I learned the importance of avoiding extremes and maintaining balance, but I learned this lesson the hard way.  During my freshman year of college I obsessed over my workouts.  I rode my bike to the gym, then worked out for two hours before riding my bike back to my dorm.  I was in the best shape of my life between the summer of ’96 and the summer of ‘97.  Then during my sophomore year, I decided to give up my workouts for a while.  I got burned out.  So I ate what I wanted when I wanted, I stopped going to the gym, and I gained twenty pounds.  It’s fair to say I went from one extreme to the other, and both were unhealthy for me.

My best beauty advice is to avoid extremes by staying true to who you are.  You are prettiest when you are you.  So look in the mirror and instead of looking at what needs to be plucked, smoothed or corrected, look at what you like instead.  Then list three of your favorite features about  yourself such as your hair, your neckline and your calves.  Next, find ways to highlight those features by braiding your hair, wearing a scoop neck shirt, or putting on a pair of heels to give your calves a lift.  This is one way to look in the mirror and see the glass half full instead of half empty.  There is only one you and you have something to offer, whether in the modeling and acting industry, or in life.

But more than just changing the way you think about your appearance, there is another way to change the way you feel.  We have all heard the expression beauty is more than skin deep.  I agree with the truth in that statement because it coincides with what the Bible has to say about beauty in 1 Peter 3:4; “[Your beauty] should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”

This week, take time to make a list of non-negotiables about yourself.  List things that you are not willing to change because God made you as a unique individual.  Staying true to yourself will keep you from compromising your true identity the next time you feel tempted to conform to a certain image just for the sake of possibly advancing your career.



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