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                 My name is Leaha Shaikh.  I married the love of my life toward the end of college, graduated and became an English teacher, then a mom, a missionary, a writer, a blogger, and now talent along with the rest of my family (we are in the business of modeling and acting).  I set out on a journey trying to find my niche many years ago.  The road began somewhere in school and wound around a few twists and turns until I found myself somewhere in between still searching and possibly finding.  Marriage, motherhood, ministry, and modeling have made the journey more meaningful, especially when I take time to tie shoe laces or hold hands or pose for pictures or fold my hands in prayer.  And as the road bends into tomorrow,

I’m still searching for my niche with a pen and paper in one hand and a blog post in the other.  

You can read more of my story in my book, Open Doors 




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